Advertising agencies can leverage Panel Fuel to get targeted consumer research quickly and more efficiently. Use our high quality sample to test potential creative, gain insights on changing consumer attitude, or ask a selected demographic group about a potential new client for a new business pitch. Using retargeted surveys, you can measure ad effectiveness during and after your campaigns with results available almost instantly.

Discover what media placements work best by surveying an audience post campaign to measure ad recall and changes in brand perception. Through audience profiling, find out the exact demographic group of people visiting your site to better understand their content needs and to attract advertisers.

  • Logo Testing – Ask responders what logo works best for a quick and affordable focus session.
  • Ad Testing – Not sure what concept works better? Get a quick tissue session done in days.
  • Industry Tracking – Measure consumer behavior and trends over time.
  • Ad Effectiveness – Ask consumer if they are seeing your client’s work or their perception on the brand after a campaign.
  • Brand Tracking – Measure brand perception over time.